History of Firm

iVisionary was launched in 2000 to create unique and profitable opportunities by leveraging its assets through venture capital, and by providing strategic services. We originally achieved these goals through two arms of business: iVisionary Fund and iVisionary Services. iVisionary Fund has successfully led transactions with some of the world’s leading companies and private equity firms focusing in a wide range of industries.  Our early investments were focused on the technology sector due to our experience in this field.  iVisionary Services provided strategic consulting to growth focused companies.  iVisionary Services now serves as the management and consulting arm for our various owned and operated ventures.

The rapidly changing investment environment at the turn of the century created a difficult situation for many technology focused firms. We realized that iVisionary’s core focus needed to shift from technology to “bricks and mortar” investments, and we gradually changed course by looking at macro issues and historical industry cycles. By investing in the real estate, lodging and fitness industries, iVisionary avoided the pitfalls that awaited companies who were leveraged in one industry.   This prudent yet nimble behavior has paid off, as the carefully selected iVisionary portfolio continues to thrive and create liquidity for ourselves and our investors.