Real Estate

All real estate opportunities are not the same and evaluating opportunities is become a complex science that demands in-depth knowledge of market trends.  Having a realistic assessment of a project’s physical, market, and financial feasibility is a part of iVisionary investment thesis prior to committing capital. Understanding the investment risks and rewards is part of iVisionary’s comprehensive approach in analyzing each opportunity which has proven effective in maximize the profitability of our investment decisions.

We work with developers, property owners, businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other agencies to establish the value of real estate assets, identify competitive market factors, conduct location analyses, evaluate the financial feasibility of projects, and devise action plans to facilitate timely implementation of projects or investment programs.

iVisionary’s development strategies requires an understanding of changing trends.  Being principal equity investors that is primarily made up of two family offices allows for timely decisions without the dependence of third party participation.

iVisionary primarily invest for its own portfolio with no exit timeframe.  This allows us to be active in acquiring performing and nonperforming assets.  Our professionals have the skill sets and capabilities to not only analyze various types of opportunities, but also has the capabilities to handle a development from the ground up.

Income Producing

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Lexington, KY

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Redevelopment & Value Add

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