Who is iVisionary?


iVisionary is a private equity firm engaged in multiple commercial and real estate industries.  iVisionary will consider direct investment or investment though strategic partnerships.  Our professionals have deep expertise, transactional success, in a variety of industries including real estate investment and development.  As a generalist firm, our macro approach involves identifying industries and real estate investments that will create long-term value primarily located throughout North America.  iVisionary undergoes a rigorous evaluation process when considering transactions.  Because every industry is unique, our teams approach is unique in its evaluation methodology.

iVisionary professionals are made up of seasoned operators who understand how to grow successful enterprises in multiple industries. Creating innovative businesses in an ever-changing economy requires vision. In today’s economy, good ideas are a commodity. Ideas become valuable companies only when experienced teams are connected to the right partners who provide more than just access to capital.

iVisionary leverages its successful record and vision of the future to execute strategies through opportunities in the marketplace. iVisionary does not believe that innovation has to be exclusively a novel technology, but also reengineering old strategies into more efficient profitable ventures. Developing innovative companies doesn’t come easily and neither does creating a sustainable company. Success begins with an attitude that says “we’re in this together”. Entrepreneurs need a partner with deep industry knowledge, a strong network of contacts, the willingness to think big, and the ability to move fast.

iVisionary Ventures provides various business consulting services to its affiliated business and selective third-party clients. Services range from strategic planning, board of directors participation, technology creation, to a broad range of financial consultancy and services which may include direct lending and investing by iVisionary or by third parties in the venture capital, private equity, and banking industries.

With more than a combined 100 years of operational, industry and venture capital experience, iVisionary looks at investing from the perspective of supporting the entire process of company development. Privately funded by two family offices streamlines the process and enables the team to make timely decisions.


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